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    These are some of our recent projects:

    IKPT Project PPGS Sumbagsel supplying 9 Gas Engine Generators
    Integrated Energy Industries designed and packaged 9 units of gas engine generators from 300 Kw to 1000 Kw for 3 separate Power Plants in the Sumbugsel Project. This includes the Emergency diesel generators as well as the Load Sharing, Shedding Controls and Plant Operation Philosophy.

    Star Energy Power Generator
    Supplying 380 Kw Power Generator Package with enclosure for Star Energy at Kakap Platform.

    Bi - Fuel
    Supplying and commissioning 3 Units of Bi Fuel System for Cummins Diesel engine at Pearl Oil Jambi. Conversion of CAT 3408 in Pertamina Prabamulih.

    VICO Indonesia
    Supplying Control System Annunciator DD 40 NTS for safety gas engine for Vico Indonesia at Mutiara Balikpapan

    Some other major projects undertaken by IEI are as follows:

    1. Mobil Oil Refinery Hydrogen compressor Upgrade. G-139 Include change of piston ring, rider ring. Compressor valve and packing gas. Make: Hitachi Japan. The scope includes supervision and supply of materials.
      Year Undertaken: 1996.

    2. Mobil Oil Refinery Sour Gas Compressor Retrofit of Wear components. Make Mitsui Japan. The scope includes supervision and supply of material.
      Year Undertaken: 1996

    3. Rebuilt the Polyethylene compressor for Titan Himont with High Performance alloy. Remarkable increase in reliability of the compressor. It is Hitachi 2 stage 2 throw water cooled reciprocating compressor. All the rods were replaced with D-gun coated rods.
      Year Undertaken: 1996

    4. Mobil oil Refinery Replacement of Entire Crank End that was damage by a white metal failure. By a Pre-owned unit of a Plant Breaker in Houston. Make: Cooper Energy. The scope includes supervision and supply of material and labor.
      Year Undertaken: 1997

    5. Ministry of Environment: Biogas Gas compressor Retrofit. With Filled PTFE rings and renew with stainless steel packing case, valves and upgrade of material to polymer alloy. Make: Worthington CUB.
      Year Undertaken: 1998

    6. Ministry of Environment: Air compressor, Replace piston, and replace line and install new Packing rings and piston rings. Make: Kaji Compressor, Japan.
      Year Undertaken: 1999

    7. Rebuilt and upgrade the Nitrogen compressor for Sitt Tatt Gas by installing new rings design for the Bone-dry Nitrogen compressor in Klang Valley. Make : Peter Brotherhood. The scope includes supervision and supply of material and labor.
      Year Undertaken: 1998

    8. Supply and Install 2 sets of RIX Oxygen Refilling Compressor for Refilling plant in East Malaysia.

    9. Supply and Commission of Engine and compressor control panel for Dresser Rand VIP compressor. For Sante Fe Tuban Field.
      Year Undertaken: 2001

    10. Supply to Pertamina Cirebon with Gas Engine driven pumps and Control panel. Of 215 KW.
      Year Undertaken: 2002

    11. 215KW gas engine Pump Package with ITT Goulds Centrifugal Pump.

    12. 105KW gas engine gen sets with load paralling of 2 genets in Pertamina Rantau.

    13. 140KW gas Engine pump sets with Gould's 3700 API Centrifugal pump.

    14. Supply and install an Altronic DE-2500 panel for Dresser Rand VIP Compressor.

    15. Overhaul and Rebuilt 1,500kw Waukesha P9390GSI driven DR 4RDS Compressor.

    16. Overhaul of Waukesha L5790GSI/Ariel JGE4 gas engine for PT Maruta LNG Plant.

    17. Retrofit Vico Integral Gas Engine/Compressor SV50 with new microprocessor controller.

    18. Package and Supply Exspan Nusantara Gas Genset 550KVA

    19. Package and Supply to Vico Indonesia for a Waukesha Gas genset of 330KVA

    20. Package and Supply Gas Genset Package 450KVA for Star Energy Natuna Sea

    21. Package and Supply Bi-fuel Systems for Cummins 800KVA Genset for Pearl Oil

    22. Package and Supply Bi-fuel Genset for IEV Energy Industries.

    23. Conversion of Diesel Engine to operate on Gas in Pasir Gudang.

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